When you are looking to buy a house or borrow money from any lender they will look at your credit score. In certain cases your credit doesn’t matter but the better your score the better rates you will get from the lender. Your credit score shows that you are reliable and you will pay them back the money that they are lending you.

Here are a few ways that you can improve your credit score so when you are ready to talk to a mortgage broker about buying or re financing your home they can get you the best rate possible.

Pay your bills on time. If you can, set up automatic payments for your bills. This way you are sure that they are all taken care of on time. Some credit card companies also have it set up that you can make automatic minimum payments on your credit cards.


Don’t max out your credit cards. Instead of racking up your cards on a major purchase take a look at your options. You may be able to get a low interest line of credit or home equity line of credit.


Choose your credit wisely. Credit card companies will lure you in with air miles or ipod’s but make sure you only apply for the credit you need. You can wreak havoc on your credit score with too many credit cards.


keep an eye on your credit profile. You can take a look at your credit profile on equifax.ca or transunion.ca annually for free. You never know when you could run in to identity theft or random bills you have forgotten about that will ruin your credit.


Be patient. A credit rating is not something that is fixed quickly. You need to execute all of these things on a consistent basis and over time your credit rating will get better.