The quick answer: Its Free!


you can send us an email at or give us a call at 4034529619 and ask questions any time. We get inquires all day long from people who are wondering what there options are. We talk to people all the time who we can help that never thought there was any way they would be able to get a mortgage.


What is an application and how much does it cost?

cost: FREE

An application is just a form that you can fill out or we can help you fill out to determine your situation and what we can do for you. It does not cost you anything and you are under no obligation once we fill one out. This process allows you to get a professional opinion on your situation with signing contracts or putting money up front.


We deal with people all the time who have bad credit, foreclosures etc… and we specialize in helping those people find solutions to their problems if they own real estate.All you need to do is either fill out the quick form on the front page of this site and we will get back to you asap or just give us a call at 4034529619 and we can get started finding solutions for you and your situation.


People always assume that they have bad credit so they cant be helped. They also assume that because of their past there is nothing that can be done. The truth is that there are options out there that most people do not know about. We have access to hundreds of lenders and banks that all have different qualifications for lending. We specialize in finding the right lender for you and your situation. Our portfolio of lenders ranges from top level lenders to those that are willing to take more of a risk. Please, don’t hesitate to at least explore your options before you assume nothing can be done.


Fill out an application today and lets get you started in the right direction.