Have you been turned down for a mortgage by the bank or another broker?


Its ok, it happens all the time. A lot of banks and brokers have a set of parameters that you have to fit in for them to lend to you. They will get you on the phone and go through a big process to apply then if you don’t fit in the perfect mold for someone they lend to, they will just turn you down. Now you have to call someone else and go through the whole process again and again. This sucks but there is another way.


We have hundreds of lenders at our disposal! What does that mean for you?


This means that instead of dealing with hours of phone calls and supplying all of your personal info to a bunch of different lenders to find what you need, you only need to go through this once! That’s right! We take one application from you and then we do all the legwork for you. No more days full of tons of phone calls to a bunch of different lenders and banks explaining your situation over and over again. Let us take care of all that. We take your application and evaluate and narrow down a small group of lenders that we have dealt with in the past for deals that are similar to yours. This allows us to save you time and get an answer quickly. Also, if the first lenders (s) aren’t interested in your deal we will continue to shop around to find you a solution. This only takes you filling out one application with us and we take care of the rest and provide you with updates as we go.


Give us a call today and let us take care of the legwork for you. If we can’t get you approved no one can!