Interest rates are always the biggest concern for the borrower. Because the market is always changing knowing where a lender is at with their preferences at the time makes a big difference. Your Calgary mortgage brokers stay in constant contact with lenders and know what deals they might like or not like at the time. One deal might be good for one lender and not good for another. 


You can go out there and try to apply for mortgages all over the place. You can fill out application after application not knowing if you have any shot of getting an approval. The best option though, would be to let a mortgage broker do this for you. As they represent you to the lender they will know how to package your deal to make it look the most appealing. They will also know what lenders to send it to for the best response. 


There are even lenders that will only deal with brokers. 


lenders constantly monitor the market and their own resources. How they look at and consider a deal can change daily. Your Calgary mortgage broker keeps on top of this and will get you the best deal from the best lender.  They are professionals and you are way better off to let them handle your deal. Fill out one application and let them present that to one or multiple lenders on your behalf.