Welcome to MortgageDepot.net! We are your one stop shop for a mortgage in Alberta or British Columbia. We specialize in private mortgages and getting you approved when the circumstances might not be perfect. We also do mortgages for people who have great credit and can deal with the bank but not everyone can do that. Take a look around the site and please at any time feel free to contact us to ask questions or fill out the quick app on the front page.


Here is a quick summary of some of the services we can help with:


One of the unique services that we offer is a house flipping mortgage. A lot of people have seen the very popular shows on TV where someone buys a house, does some work to it and then sells it for a profit. They are very entertaining, but have you ever thought about trying that yourself. Here is your chance. We have an amazing program that allows you to flip a house with just a $10,000 deposit and a renovation budget. There are some guidelines that the property has to fall under for this to work but we can help. We work with people who do flips all the time, helping them to get the financing they need to operate. Our in house evaluators work with you to determine the viability of a project taking in to account the current market trends and comparable properties on the market. Along with that we offer a flipping calculator sheet. This is a free tool that we offer to our house flipping partners that will help you do research and pre-qualify a property before you bring the deal to the table. This helps save time and money for everyone in the long run.


Are you thinking of doing renovations? If your home could use an upgrade but you don’t have the cash on had to get the work done we may be able to help. One of the services that we offer is a renovation mortgage. If you have equity in your house we can do what is called an “equity take out”. This allows you to borrow on the money you have already put in to your existing mortgage to increase the value of your home. Doing this could actually make you money in the long run. If you were to take out some of the equity you have to do some renovations and you increase the value of your home more than the money you spent on renovations you just made money. This is like growing your savings and improving your home at the same time.


Another popular service that we offer is debt consolidation. At any time things in the economy can change. Maybe your situation takes a drastic turn and you have to lean on credit cards for a while. Its OK. This happens all the time. We may be able to help you out. One of the services that we offer is a debt consolidation mortgage. If you have a bunch of debts that are crushing you with interest payments we could help you lower your payments and get out of the hole. We do this by again leveraging your value in your home to pay off your creditors and now you can pay down your debts with a lower interest rate so it is more manageable. Please feel free to fill out the quick app or give us a call with any questions.


We appreciate you stopping by and checking out mortgagedepot.net your Alberta and BC mortgage specialist. We hope that we will be able to assist you with your mortgage needs soon. Have a great day.