Getting a Home Improvement Loan.

You have lived in your house for several years. The kids have left home and you have some
time on your hands. You need a project. The house looks a bit shabby and worn out.
You think it would be nice to renovate but we don’t have the money. If this is you,
the news is all good. Time to consider getting a home improvement loan and starting
your project!

By getting a home improvement loan you can get those things done to make your home really fresh
again plus you can incorporate changes and renovations that you have dreamed about but thought
you would probably never get around to. The benefits you get are an almost new home with
increased market value and much greater market appeal if you decide to move on later.

If you are doing the reno (renovation) with selling in mind, be careful to spend money only
on things that will add more to the resale value than you spend. If you are planning to stay
long term and want to enjoy the changes just for yourselves, then this doesn’t matter as much,
but keep it in mind. If you do want to stay where you are, you get to enjoy living in a
fresh new environment incorporating the new ideas you have put into the plan.

If you are short of the upfront cash to engage the necessary professionals then this is where a
home improvement loan can be really useful. Depending on the size of loan required you may
need to use your equity in the house as security but if the changes are modest a personal loan
may suffice. It pays to get good advice.

Talk to your Lender Guy mortgage broker about the various options
for getting a home improvement loan.