Single Women Home Buyers

Single Women Home Buyers Lead the Way If you look back ten or twenty years in Canada the number of single women home buyers was very small.  The reasons for this are mainly social and reflect the huge changes in western society in the last couple of decades.   In short, a single woman buying a home was a rare [...]

Getting a Home Improvement Loan

Getting a Home Improvement Loan. You have lived in your house for several years. The kids have left home and you have some time on your hands. You need a project. The house looks a bit shabby and worn out. You think it would be nice to renovate but we don’t have the money. If [...]

New mortgage rules, what does it mean to calgary?

There has been a lot of buzz about the economy with the price of oil. Alberta is especially affected and it seems silly to think that there has to be some rules created to temper real estate markets when the economy seems so slow. The reality of the situation is that not the whole country [...]

I have been turned down already, what do I do?

Have you been turned down for a mortgage by the bank or another broker?   Its ok, it happens all the time. A lot of banks and brokers have a set of parameters that you have to fit in for them to lend to you. They will get you on the phone and go through [...]

How can a mortgage help me buy a car?

Buying a vehicle is a major purchase for most of us. This takes time and energy out of our day and is a major factor in our finances. Now, what if you could take some of stress out of buying a vehicle by having the money in hand when you go in to the dealership? [...]

How much does it cost to talk to a mortgage broker?

The quick answer: Its Free!   you can send us an email at inf0@mortgagedepot.net or give us a call at 4034529619 and ask questions any time. We get inquires all day long from people who are wondering what there options are. We talk to people all the time who we can help that never thought [...]

Your Private Mortgage solution

Welcome to MortgageDepot.net! We are your one stop shop for a mortgage in Alberta or British Columbia. We specialize in private mortgages and getting you approved when the circumstances might not be perfect. We also do mortgages for people who have great credit and can deal with the bank but not everyone can do that. [...]