Buying a vehicle is a major purchase for most of us. This takes time and energy out of our day and is a major factor in our finances. Now, what if you could take some of stress out of buying a vehicle by having the money in hand when you go in to the dealership?


When you first go to a dealer to buy a vehicle they will talk about financing. Car companies want you to borrow with them so they make money on the car loan. Now, if you come to the dealer with financing in hand your process is made a lot simpler and gives you some leverage in your negotiations. Think about it like this:


When you go to buy a house what is the first step? You need to know what your budget is. You need to know what price range you are shopping in so you come to see us for a pre approved mortgage. This allows you to know what properties you can look at so that you don’t waste time and money. This also applies to buying a car.


If you walk in to the dealer and you have not figured out your financing you may be looking at one vehicle and fall in love with it only to find out that it is not in your price range. Also you spend all day looking at cheaper vehicles just to find out that you can afford something  a little nicer. Coming to talk to us for a vehicle mortgage lets you know exactly what your budget is before you step in to a dealer. This allows you to not waste time looking at vehicles outside of your range. This also gives you some leverage when you are negotiation prices etc… Knowing exactly what your budget is before you walk in to the dealer can be a huge advantage for you and save you lots of money.


Also, this may save you on interest payments. Most of the time our vehicle mortgage financing is cheaper than the financing you would get at a dealership.


Good luck car shopping!