How to get the best Mortgage rates in Calgary or Alberta

When people start looking to buy a house the first thing that they think about is their interest rate. This is because over the time that you will pay your mortgage the interest rate will determine your monthly payments and how much interest you are paying out. the better rate that you can get the less money your mortgage will cost you. Here is the thing. When you start to call around about mortgages you need to consider a few things first.


One major thing is that mortgages can be complicated and confusing. There are many types of mortgages and different benefits to each. this whole process of talking about percentages and fixed vs flex etc… can really take you for a ride. before you know it you might be so turned around that you agree to something that doesn’t suit you in the long run. This is why we suggest you use us as your mortgage broker in Calgary or anywhere in BC or Alberta. We take a simple application from you then we go out and do all the shopping around and find you the best deal and the best Calgary mortgage rate for you.


Comparing mortgage rates on websites doesn’t really mean anything.


In todays society there are a lot of things that you can learn online. The amount of information that is out there is truly amazing. this does do damage sometimes. People check out a few sites and watch a few videos and now they think that they can do something. If you are talking about baking a cake then its probably ok, but when you are talking about a purchase that could affect the next 30 years of your life you may want to think on it a little more. When you look at bank websites for mortgage rates in Calgary you can find some. It will list fixed rates, variable rates and even rates from multiple lenders. The problem with all of this is that to get an accurate Calgary mortgage rates comparison you need to know where you are at as well.

Mortgage rates Calgary

Let us help you find the best mortgage interest rates in Calgary and Alberta

100 different people can look at the same website and see the same mortgage rates and they could all get different rates when the deals are done. Your mortgage rate in Calgary is going to depend on your own personal history and credit as well as what the lender is offering. You might look at a bunch of sites and think ” hey, I can get a mortgage at 3.99%” but when you finally finish your deal it could be anything. If you have any foreclosures, bankruptcies, collections or other issues it will affect the interest rate that lenders are willing to give to you. using a mortgage broker in Calgary you can avoid a lot of confusion as we will lay it out for you with all of your options from different lenders with reasons for the rates that you are being quoted.


Comparing mortgage rates in Calgary or anywhere in Alberta can be confusing. Stick with us and we will get you the best deal from the right lender. We will take your basic info and shop it around for you. Most of the time with your specific information we already know which lenders are most likely to give us the best deal. Also if you have not the best credit or history, we have the places to go for you as well. Please reach out and let us help you compare mortgage interest rates :)