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Ken Faminoff is the CEO and Owner of The Lender Guys Inc and MortgageDepot.net, Ken Has been a Mortgage Broker Associate with Mortgage Alliance & Axiom Mortgage Solutions in The Calgary & Edmonton Area Since October 2009. Ken used to be a Bank Manager at Both ATB(Alberta Treasury Branch) and HSBC bank. He also used to be a Direct Lender and as well as a Underwriter. Ken’s Vast Experience and out of the Box Thinking has made him one of the Most Respected and Saught after Mortgage Brokers in the Alberta & BC Market. Currently The Lender Guys Inc has funded Just over 100 Million in Mortgage Volume and Currently has over 750+ Clients on the Books. Ken’s Slogan is “IF I Can’t Do it, No one Can”…Ken Specializes in the Really hard Cases, Especially the Private Mortgage Market with People with Bad Credit, In Forclosure, Behind With Canada Revenue Agency, Self Employed, Commercial Mortgage Funding, AAA+ Clients with Regular Banks, First Time Home Buyers, New To Canada, Alternative Lending, B lending and People with Previous Bankruptcy.
Rob Mackay is the Lender Guys and Mortgage Depot.Net’s unliscenced Assistant as well as the hands on Tech Guru that handles all the Administration Details Plus the Seo lead Generation Side of the Business.

Ken Faminoff

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